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What am I looking to buy? Arrangements, Bouquets, Bunches or Posies.

If there’s
one thing you are sure of; “I need to buy flowers” but you’re still unsure of
what kind of flowers you’re looking
for, it’s best to start with understanding which category of flowers is most relevant
to your needs so that you can find the perfect floral creation.


For the average
person terms such as: arrangements, bouquets, bunches or posies pretty much resonate
the same type of meaning.  Isn’t a bouquet
and a posy an arrangement of flowers? Hypothetically yes, but don’t you dare
say that to your florist!  


So instead of
asking your florist the million-dollar question and to avoid being inundated with
floristry jargon that will do more than blossom your brain with knowledge – we’ll
help decipher the differences between the methods florists use to prepare your




aren’t foreign to the experience of clients ordering an arrangement but actually
having a bouquet in mind, and vice versa. We’ve heard and read countless
stories where clients thought the florist just didn’t ‘get the message’ and
missed the mark when it was actually the client that didn’t know what it means
when you order an arrangement VS a bouquet.


A flower
arrangement is more than just “arranged flowers”. An arrangement is
decoratively placed in a vase, box, ceramic vessel or basket that typically contains
either water or floral foam. Arrangements can contain different types of
flowers, greenery and foliage and comes in many different sizes, shapes and
styles. Florists achieve their desired arrangement designs by crafting the
flowers into the foam/container in such a way that will make sure it stays as
perfect as when you receive it.


arrangements cost more than bouquets and are the go-to purchase for centrepieces,
parties, events, functions and generally when you want a beautiful floral design
that already has its own container.




Bouquets, we’re
sure you’ve all seen a bunch of them in your lifetime so it goes without saying
what a bouquet is. As opposed to an arrangement, a bouquet is selected and
placed in a bunch with or without foliage and then bound together and usually
wrapped in lovely decorative paper.


However, an
interesting fact is that a bouquet usually doesn’t come with a vase or vessel,
so a florist typically binds and cuts the stems so that the bouquet is able to
either stand upright on its own or can easily be placed in a vase or place of
your own choosing.


Bouquets take
a little more looking after as, unlike arrangements, the recipient has to re-cut
the stems and top up the water in the vase. They are known to make an appearance
in a bride’s hands at a wedding and are generally the most popular gift for special
occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s day.




A bunch of
flowers has the same benefit as a bouquet, except that the bunch of flowers
haven’t been carefully selected and crafted in a particular style or design.
Bunches of flowers are usually a number of stems of the same variety of a
flower, loosely wrapped together.


Bunches are
great for people who want to brighten up a room with a bunch of flowers in a
vase or for others who want to use their own creativity and improvise with
using the flowers in their own unique way.




The distinction
between a bouquet and a posy can probably only be made by a florist and in the
same way florists do an incredible job of utilising the different creations to
make stunning creative masterpieces for different events.


The easiest
way to describe a posy is that they are a smaller/shorter type of bouquet, with
shorter stems. Posies are great for an easy to hold wedding bouquet, thoughtful
gift, or everyday addition to your home décor.


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