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Sell Flowers With Uniting Flowers Australia

Florists’ Answer to E-Commerce

Why lose hours on end updating all your social media profiles and maintaining your website when you can do it all in the same place and in a convenient way?

We understand how difficult it is to ‘stand out from the rest’, particularly in the age of e-commerce and social media. It’s become virtually impossible for small business to compete with the online flower conglomerates who pay big dollars to dominate online search engines.

That’s why for florists these days life doesn’t just involve sourcing the freshest and prettiest flowers and then handcrafting aesthetic perfection.

It involves spending lots of money on a fancy website, tirelessly spending hours on various social media platforms to reach a broader clientele and on top of that doing all the million and one things that entails running a business. It’s hard work - we get it!

That’s why we’ve created an Online Marketplace that makes life easier for florists and helps clients who are eager to discover the flower virtuoso living around the corner!

By creating a virtual shopfront on Uniting Flowers florists unlock a labyrinth of opportunities with little effort and tremendous help and support towards success.

Why Sell with Uniting Flowers?

  • We’re a local Aussie family of five from Sydney > This means family is at the core of our Australian values and this is how we run our business; we care, we are transparent, we are supportive and we are trustworthy.

  • Our marketplace platform is fast, optimised and mobile friendly > We’ve designed a platform that is user friendly so that customers keep coming back for the same experience.

  • We provide you with constant technical and marketing support > Whatever questions or help you need, we’re always here on call.

  • Our customer service is impeccable > We pride ourselves on putting the customer at the forefront of our business values, so this means we deal with customers and make them happy which means no headaches for our florists.

  • You will be listed on our Find A Florist directory > People are constantly looking for their nearest florist, so we make sure they know you’re just around the corner.

  • You can offer SAME DAY DELIVERY > Our custom calendar system automatically enables customers to see if they are eligible for same day delivery from your store.

  • We spend the big $$$ on marketing and advertising > SEO, Content and social media marketing, PPC Campaigns, advertising across all platforms – we’ve got all bases covered so you don’t have to empty your bank account.

  • We endorse YOUR business > We put a face to the bouquets and arrangements and it’s not ours but yours.

  • We’re a promotional hub for Floral Stylists > Make yourself discoverable and promote your work to the entire internet searching for floral stylists for their next event.

  • Go local, state wide and Australia wide > You can offer your services and send flowers as far and wide as you dream.

  • You won’t need a website > You don’t need to pay hosting, domain and web developer fees and costs, this is the most convenient website you’ll ever have and you can promote your custom URL anywhere.

  • Gain access to our dashboard and inventory system > Accept and fulfil orders, process payments and returns, upload and edit your profile and photos all in the one place in an easy and streamlined way.

  • Link your website and social media > Allow potential customers to browse your social media profiles and be further impressed by your creative prowess.

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If you would like more information on Selling with Uniting Flowers :
Email us: contact@unitingflowers.com.au or give us a call on: 1300 359 908

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