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3 Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Christmas Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for gift-giving, family time and especially for decorating! People are coming and going to your house, everywhere around you is decorated, and the options are just limitless this time of year. There are generally sales on decor as far as the eyes can see. How can you really say no?

Have you been looking for the perfect way to change up your decor? Or maybe this is the first time you’re in your own home and decorating for yourself? Even if neither of those applies to you, you won’t want to miss these creative ways to incorporate flowers into your Christmas décor this year – it’s all the rage:

Craft a poinsettia tower.

Poinsettias are one of the most common holiday flowers – they are big, beautiful and of course, red, so they are festive, too!

Start with a small, tabletop fake tree as your base. Then, cover it in poinsettias to create a true tower look.

Or, if you still want to use poinsettias but are going for a different look, here is another option:

Fill several different vases of different shapes and sizes with poinsettias and use them as a centrepiece or mantle decor.

Spruce up your window wreath.

A fresh wreath is one of the simplest yet most elegant ways to add a bit of holiday decor to your home. Whether you are placing yours in the window, on the door, or even somewhere else, such as your mailbox, adding a few flowers is never a bad idea.

Try adding a few red or white roses – or both. The great thing about roses is they come in such a variety of colours; you should have options regardless of what the rest of your decor looks like!

P.S. You can even still do this with a fake wreath – it doesn’t have to be a live one. Especially if you are using fake greenery in your wreath, this is a great way to really make it look live but without the hassle of having to switch out the actual wreath so often. The flowers are much easier to maintain.

Dress up your centrepiece for those luxurious parties.

Every table setting requires a good centrepiece and hydrangeas are just the flower for yours.

If you are going for a cosier and more rustic look, try using some fake moss with fake bark – or even real bark from a tree – as the base for your flowers.

Or, if you are going for more upscale and elegant, try using a glass vase with holiday decor, such as ornaments in the bottom, and then add beautiful, white hydrangeas on top.

Pro tip: Hydrangeas are known as the holiday flower – you will often see them incorporated if flowers are being used. But did you know that adding orchids really adds a luxurious touch to your centrepiece? They are bright, light and elegant and will match your ornaments well.

Just add a uniquely crafted bouquet! 

We know you don’t always have time to craft something unique yourself. But guess what? We do! 

You don’t have to totally transform the decor you are already doing – you can easily just add to it with a custom bouquet

Whether you are decorating for a party or just looking to spruce up your normal decor, incorporating flowers is a great way to add a fresh and flourishing look to your home. And don’t forget, you can always easily add a touch of greenery to just about anything to give your decor that live aspect.

When it is time for you to start decorating and gifting, check out our Christmas flowers and gift hamper range! And, what easier way to snag great flowers for your decor than ordering online? We’d be happy to help you take your holiday decorating to the next level as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

What other ways have you used flowers in your holiday decor?

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