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Sell with UF

Florists’ Answer to E-Commerce

Why lose hours on end updating all your social media profiles and maintaining your website when you can do it all in the same place and in a convenient way? We understand how difficult it is to ‘stand out from the rest’, particularly in the age of e-commerce and social media. It’s become virtually impossible for small business to compete with the online flower conglomerates who pay big dollars to dominate online search engines.

It’s hard work - we get it!

For florists these days life doesn’t just involve sourcing the freshest and prettiest flowers and then handcrafting aesthetic perfection. It involves spending lots of money on a fancy website, tirelessly spending hours on various social media platforms to reach a broader clientele and on top of that doing all the million and one things that entails running a business. That’s why we’ve created an Online Marketplace that makes life easier for florists and helps clients who are eager to discover the flower virtuoso living around the corner! By creating a virtual shopfront on Uniting Flowers florists unlock a labyrinth of opportunities with little effort and tremendous help and support towards success.

Become a Vendor

If you would like more information on Selling with Uniting Flowers please send us an email ( contact@unitingflowers.com.au ) or give us a call on 1300 359 908

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