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Boxed Roses

Flowers in a box – the modern way to send a floral surprise! 

In our modern world, Instagram and social media have added a whole new layer to the act of sending flowers. Everything from floral bouquets to simple bunches get snapped and posted online, but perhaps most-coveted of them all is the Instagramable box of flowers. Simple, classy and sure to catch eyes – we stock all kinds of boxed flowers here at UF.

The perfect treat and gift with a romantic spin, make sure you check out our luxurious range of preserved roses, for flowers in a box that really last (and not just in the Instagram post!). So what could be better for a modern gift? Get browsing our range of boxed flowers today and check out our blog for more inspiration. 

Boxed flowers – what are the benefits?

So what are the benefits of boxed flowers I hear you say? Well, it’s no secret that the heads of flowers are the most beautiful part – and in a box, the focus is on this exact area. The blooming flower heads, with an abundance of petals, scents and vibrant colours look extra lovely displayed this way. And don’t be put off by the box format, it still gives florists plenty of opportunities to get creative and create a sculpture-like floral creation that is sure to elicit smiles and adoration. 

We believe that good florists do work worth paying for, but we also know that getting out to your local florist and finding one that speaks to your personal tastes takes time. That’s why we’ve created Uniting Flowers to combine the best of both worlds! We are partnered with local florists all over Australia, and we collate their beautiful work in one easy-to-view place on our website. So whether you’re looking to buy roses in boxes or another type of flower, we’re bound to have something to catch your eye.

Looking for flowers in a box delivery? Look no further! 

Few flowers send as well as boxed flowers! So these really are the perfect floral surprise to send to your special someone, and we guarantee they will get there in a timely fashion, too. That’s because we work with professional, quality florists who prize not just talent but customer service. We look for sellers who are happy to provide fast and efficient delivery, this is why you’ll see same day and next day delivery listed as options with the majority of our boxed flower products. Of course, if you want more information on all things delivery you can just go to this page for all the details

Use AfterPay on your box of roses

Speedy delivery and lots of options aren’t the only benefits of ordering roses in boxes online – you can also use UFs AfterPay option to get your order in and split the costs over the next few months. When selecting beautiful roses in boxes, especially for a special anniversary or romantic occasion, you don’t want to be held back by budget limits. 

That’s why we offer AfterPay as well as the typical online payment options of debit/credit card and PayPal. There’s more information on payment logistics and other frequently asked questions on this page. Still, got a pressing question? Worry not! That’s what our contact form is for – simply fill it out and submit, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.