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Luxury Flowers & Designer Bouquets

Introducing our luxury flowers 

Do you want designer flowers? Sometimes in life, we want to enjoy the finer things on offer. Flowers are all beautiful, but they weren’t all created equal, either. The breed of flower, the arrangement style and the florist who created it all impact the overall effect of the bouquet. If you’re seeking luxury flowers, then you’ve come to the right place – and we’re here to tell you why. 

Designer flowers are about more than just expensive florals, it’s about the artistry of the florist who works on it. Here at Uniting Flowers, we were founded by Aleksandra Subara, a professional florist trained at Pearsons School of Floristry. Aleksandra’s vision was to create a one-stop online destination for incredible flowers from real, local florists. For more information on how UF came to be, check out our story and then get browsing.Why you should buy luxury flowers from UF

So, why us? We know that when you’re seeking luxury flowers, you want the best. While other florists can offer you the best of their personal selection, we can offer you the best from a whole host of florists in your area. The whole ethos of UF is the best selection from the best businesses. It’s for this reason we’re confident in our top-range selection of luxury flowers. 

Whether you’re after the lushest of luxury roses or the most beautiful of blushing lilies, our floral arrangements are of stellar quality truly fit for royalty. For an idea of our expertise and more information on all things floral and gorgeous, head over to our blog that covers everything from the ins and outs of floristry to gift suggestions for extra special occasions. 

Flexible delivery on luxury flowers in Australia

When you’re ordering designer flowers, the last thing you want is for them to arrive late. Time waits for nobody, and neither should you – that’s why UF recommends that all our florists offer a whole range of delivery options. When picking out the fancy flowers of your dreams, check under the delivery details heading for information on the delivery services of that particular seller. In most cases you’ll find that our florists offer next and even same-day delivery, so your fresh flowers – bursting with amazing fragrance and style – arrive at the doorstep of your choosing in plenty of time.

AfterPay on luxury flowers online

You want quality, and we’re here to give it – when seeking out the best of the best in the flower business money should never come in the way of you and the bouquet of your dreams. For this exact reason, we provide AfterPay so that your dream flowers can be ordered when you want them, and you can pay in smaller manageable instalments in future months. This way, there’s no need to skimp on the cost of designer flowers that your loved one deserves. Whether it’s a romantic occasion or special birthday, the cost of your perfect flowers need not be another worry. For more information on the logistics of staggered payments go to our faq page, and if you need to reach out to us with specific questions – know that we are always happy to help, simply get in touch here.