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Floral Design Styles

Seeking flowers with style? Look no further!

Style is one of the most coveted aesthetics in the world, whether it’s a beautiful outfit, home decor, or a bouquet of flowers – the word ‘stylish’ is always the ultimate compliment. So if you’re looking for flowers that fit the style-bill, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Uniting Flowers, we believe that all things floral are naturally beautiful – and we also believe that that beauty can be greatly enhanced by the artistry of a professional florist.

 It’s for this reason we’ve partnered with local floristry businesses across Australia. Our business model is based on the core idea that you, the customer, deserve the convenience of online shopping with the bespoke, stylish touch of a trained professional. That’s why you’ve come to the right place to find floral design styles online. Check out our about us page for more information on our founding story and vision!

Flower style through the ages – from the Georgians to today

The popularity of flowers is nothing new – in fact, floral arrangements have been a symbol of love and beauty for millennia. Many floral design styles that we consider to be iconic today were first put together hundreds of years ago, hence their timeless feel. From the elaborate rose gardens of the Georgian era to the flowers used to adorn manor houses in Victorian times, the special touch needed to bring different floral design styles together has been respected for a long time.

 At Uniting Flowers we stock stunning flower bouquets and bunches, from classic arrangements to new, creative takes on floral design. Browsing our site you’re guaranteed to find an out of this world style to wow that special someone, or add a stylish touch to your home. If you’re lacking in inspiration (or just feeling spoiled for choice!) we’re always happy to help. You can get in touch via the contact form on this page – and why not have a browse of our blog for all things floral and stylish. 

Shop floral design styles, get them delivered to your doorstep! 

You’ve had a browse, you’ve been wowed by UFs awesome collection (we know, our florists do great work) and now you want to place your order. All that’s left to do is get your stylish flowers of choice in the cart and check out the delivery details of your seller of choice – we strongly encourage all our florists to provide next and same-day delivery so you should find plenty of flexible options for flower delivery. 

We know that life is hectic, and sometimes you need to get your flowers sooner rather than later – hence the reason for our recommendation for flexible delivery to all our sellers. Uniting Flowers aren’t directly liable for the flowers that arrive at your doorstep, but we opt to work with only reputable professionals and we’re always happy to help in the case of complications or concerns. For more details on delivery, go to this page where everything is outlined in full.

Order now, pay later

That’s right, as well as the typical online payment options – UF also provides AfterPay which allows customers to order online and pay the price in instalments at a later date. Whether it’s a big order you’d rather break into more manageable payments, or simply a payment you’d like to leave until a later date – AfterPay is there to make your life easier. For more information on the logistics of this and more, just go over to our faq page.