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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Flowers Arrangements

Will you be my Valentine?

Although your loved one probably already knows they have a special place in your heart, there’s no better day to declare your love and express your adoration than Valentine’s day. The perfect way to surprise your loved one is to order flowers for Valentine’s day.

All the way back since Ancient Greek mythology told that roses represented Aphrodite’s love and beauty, people have been choosing to buy Valentine’s day roses as these magnificent blooms really do evoke the deepest and strongest emotions.

When you choose Uniting Flowers for your Valentine’s day flower delivery,  you can be sure our local florists will have only the most premium Valentines roses delivered to your loved one’s door.Best flowers for Valentine’s day

Red roses will always top the list for the best Valentine’s day flowers, however other coloured roses are also a lovely gesture. Pink roses signify admiration and appreciation, white roses represent true love and purity while lavender roses represent the beginning of a new love.

If you would like to choose Uniting Flowers for your Valentines day roses delivery, you’ll be able to choose a vast number of options. Our florists have made a list of meanings a particular amount of flowers have:

  • A single rose – Symbolises love at first sight or it can represent your enduring love
  • 2 Roses – Represent the reciprocation of love and affection between two people
  • 6 Roses – Can represent your infatuation and uncontrollable affections
  • 12 Roses – Choosing a dozen roses is the perfect way to ask your Valentine to be yours and only yours
  • 13 Roses – If you’d like to buy Valentine’s day flowers for your friend, you can choose 13 roses to represent an eternal friendship
  • 15 Roses – We all make mistakes in life and sometimes a Valentines flower delivery can make up for it. Choose 15 roses to make a powerful and sincere apology.
  • 24 Roses – If you want to promise yourself to your Valentine forever, 24 roses are the perfect choice
  • 25 Roses – When you want to celebrate and congratulate a special person on a monumental achievement, 24 roses are a great option
  • 36 Roses – Three dozen roses are the cornerstone of showing you are above and beyond in love with someone
  • 50 or more – When words and even roses just aren’t enough, send 50 or more roses to show that your love knows no bounds and that you will always do absolutely anything for your lover

Valentine’s day flower arrangements

Whilst we know most people will probably choose roses when you buy Valentines day flowers, our florists also recommend lilacs which represent love and passion, red tulips for a declaration of love or even peonies which symbolise romance and marriage. If you’d like more help with types of flowers and their meanings visit our blog.

If you need some help with your  choice or delivery options don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts as we help customers customise their orders all day and everyday. If you can’t find an answer to your questions on our FAQ’s, just call us on 1300359908 and ask for options such as “Valentines flowers Sydney” and we will be happy to help you!


What flowers represent Valentine’s Day?

Long-stemmed red roses will continue to be the traditional and most requested Valentine’s flowers for this special day. A clear representation of love, passion and devotion, a bouquet of red roses for Valentine is a staple and perfect for this special day.

What is the 2nd most popular flower on Valentines Day after the rose?

Traditionally speaking, the 2nd most popular flower for this occasion is red carnations. Depending on your loved one’s preference of flowers, whether they love posies, luxurious bouquets of multi-coloured roses or boxed flower arrangements, we can help you create your custom flower bouquet to spoil your partner.

How much do flowers cost on Valentine’s Day?

As it is a special day and one of the busiest times for florists during the year, it can be more costly to purchase your flowers. As red roses are the staple flower, they can range anywhere from $100 to $300. This, of course, can change depending on how many red roses you select. If red roses are not your preference, we also recommend considering pink roses to represent admiration and affection or lavender flowers to represent new love. You can also view our Valentine’s fresh flower arrangements online and place your Valentine’s day flower delivery on time for that special day.

Which flowers mean “love forever”?

From tulips to carnations, sunflowers, lilies and daisies, many flowers represent love and the meaning of loving someone infinitely. How you express your love for your Valentine is based upon your unique connection. For us here at Uniting Flowers, we believe every flower has a connection to the meaning of love. For all your flower gifts, whether for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and of course Valentine’s arrangements, we can make sure your order is perfected with our range of flower bouquets.

What is a woman’s favourite flower?

It all depends on the woman in question. You can never go wrong with a bunch of red roses for your Valentine’s flower delivery for any special lady in your life. You can always opt for a custom order of flowers that combine neutral and lightly coloured petals with white, pink, red, and light peach to play it safe. Contact our team if you need any help picking out the perfect bouquet, and we can help you order Valentine’s flowers for your loved one.