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Funeral Wreaths & Flowers Arrangements

Funeral Flowers

Marking the passing of someone you loved requires a special floral arrangement. At Uniting Flowers, we help you access funeral flowers from uniquely-skilled florists throughout Australia. Whether you’re seeking a single funeral wreath that holds special significance or spectacular funeral flower arrangements to cover an entire venue, you can find a florist on our site – a florist who can offer what you need in your local area.

 Funeral flowers in Sydney and beyond

Our florists provide funeral flowers in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as a number of Australia’s other major cities. Each of our listed florists does something a little different, meaning that ordering funeral flowers online doesn’t mean you will receive an off-the-peg delivery. We empower florists throughout Australia to deliver the unique creations that their clients love so much, and which reflect the highly emotional time following the passing of a loved one.

After searching for a florist in your area, you can reach out to them to ensure they provide what you’re looking for. Our aim is to help you access talented artists who are prepared to think outside the box and help you commemorate your loved one’s life, and cherish their memory.

Whether you’re looking for funeral wreaths in Melbourne or elsewhere, you’ll find what you need via our site. Each online florist has a virtual store that you can use to place an order. With fast delivery available, you can even order your flowers at the last minute. The dependability of our florists will make practical details easier to manage during a sorrowful time. Using your Uniting Flowers membership, you can track your orders and look at their progress. We’re always adding new florists to our site too.

The Uniting Flowers difference

At Uniting Flowers, we believe in supporting the talented individuals who work with us as they create inspirational flower arrangements. When you take a look at our shop, you’ll see some examples of the types of funeral flowers our featured florists offer. To learn more, head to our blog and see what’s happening in our world.

When a florist chooses to work with us, we make sure they’re able to deliver the high levels of quality our customers have come to expect. By ordering your flowers from a local professional, you’ll enjoy a fresh arrangement that lasts longer. When it comes to funeral wreaths in Sydney, Brisbane, and other Australian cities, achieving freshness and a fittingly beautiful aesthetic is crucial.

If you have any questions about what we do or how we work, check out our FAQs page. Or, for a personalised answer, contact us.


What is the most popular flower for a funeral?

The most popular funeral flower arrangements and choices are lilies, which represent the restored innocence of the departed soul and have an intensely aromatic smell. Roses, carnations and orchids are also considered popular flowers for a funeral. Place your order of funeral flowers in Sydney to receive your custom order. You could even consider gifting the family flowers in a box or one of our arrangements at Uniting Flowers.

What flowers are suitable for a funeral?

This all depends on the family and their preference of flower. Perhaps the person who passed away loved posies and requested it in their will to have them as their funeral flower arrangements, or you could opt for more luxurious flowers that add an extra touch to bid farewell.

What is the etiquette for funeral flowers?

If you are attending a funeral, in most cases, the family will have organised funeral flower arrangements, so it’s not advised to come to the ceremony with your own funeral wreath. If you would like to bring flowers for the family, it’s best to do so after or before the ceremony. If you wish to send flowers directly to the family, you can order funeral flowers online and have them delivered directly to their door, so you can respect their privacy during their difficult time of mourning.

What colour rose represents the loss of a loved one?

Dark crimson roses represent grief, sorrow and death. Pink and white orchids also represent sympathy and are a kind gesture one can give when someone close to them has passed. When you order funeral wreaths online, you can select and make a custom arrangement best suited for the occasion.

What message do you put on funeral flowers?

If you’re gifting funeral flower arrangements to the family who has lost a loved one, you can include a respectful and gracious message of sympathy and remorse for their passing. Certain messages you could write include: “May these flowers act as a gesture of our love and support through this challenging time”, or “I’m so sorry for your loss”.