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We are SOLD OUT for Mother's Day
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Sunflower Flowers & Bouquets

Order sunflowers to put a sunny smile on someone’s face!

Nothing says happiness like a bunch of beautiful sunflowers! Commonly associated with all things happy and merry, we offer lots of options for sunflower delivery so that you can put a smile on your loved ones face. Have a browse around the Uniting Flowers website and you’ll find the sunflowers for sale are available in all kinds of unique bouquets and arrangements – whether you’re looking for just standard sunflowers or an eclectic bunch of sunflowers mixed with other flowers too. 

We work with the top florists in your local area, that’s why we’re one of the most-trusted sunflower suppliers in Australia. You can send sunflowers to someone else in locations across the country, or simply get sunflowers delivered directly to your doorstep for a special treat. With bright yellow petals and their iconic sunshine shape, sunflowers are the perfect way to brighten any kitchen or living room. Go to our about us page to find out more about Uniting Flowers and the work we do partnering with local florists to keep small businesses flourishing.

Sunflower symbolism – the meaning behind these gorgeous flowers

What do you see when you imagine sunflowers? Maybe you see a radiant field of sunflowers blowing in the wind, or perhaps your mind jumps to a bunch of sunflowers wrapped up in traditional brown paper. Whatever the image, most would agree that these sunny flowers capture images of happiness and joy. Over time, this link between the sunflower and its namesake (the sun!) has established a clear connection between the flower itself and happy occasions worth celebrating (this is why it’s especially great to send sunflowers to say happy birthday or congratulations). 

While we may buy sunflowers at a more manageable size, in the wild or the garden certain sunflowers can grow to a huge 16 foot in height (but don’t worry, our florists keep their sunflowers bouquets to a more appropriate length). Check out our blog for more inspiration on all things pretty and floral (as well as gift ideas for every occasion!).

Buy standard sunflowers online and send them today

Once upon a time, treating a special someone to some gorgeous sunflowers meant planning ahead – heading out to find a decent florist before rummaging around in the flowers to find the kind you want then going off to deliver them yourself. Luckily for us, the online world has streamlined the whole process and made it quick, simple and easy. Sunflower delivery at Uniting Flowers allows you to find the best sunflowers for sale online from florists local to you. 

To make the process of fresh sunflower delivery easier than ever simply check out your desired sellers delivery options for standard, next day and same day sunflower delivery. Uniting Flowers aren’t liable for the delivery of flowers from our partner florists, but we do our best to ensure all types of sunflower order get delivered in tip-top condition and on time. For further information on all our delivery details go to this page, and for any specific or bespoke requests reach out via our contact form and we’d be happy to help.

Flexible payments for sunflower arrangements

So you want to buy sunflowers online, but you’re worried about budgeting? Alas, worry no more! We know that life can be pretty busy, and sometimes special occasions all come along at once. Whatever the reason, we provide AfterPay on sunflowers and other flowers so that you can order your bouquet when you want them and split the payments out at a later date. After all, nobody likes to be kept waiting when it comes to something as lovely as sunflowers! For all the deets on payment and more check out our frequently asked questions page.