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Lily Flowers & Bouquets

Beautiful lilies for every occasion! 

Lovely lilies are universally adored around the world – and it’s not hard to see why! The classic lily has gorgeous creamy petals that unfurl in a spattering of pinks and purples blushing from within. These beautiful flowers are actually one of the most popular types of flower in Europe with thousands of people opting to display lily bouquets in their home as well as gifting bunches of lilies to loved ones on special occasions. 

Another great reason to opt for lovely lilies is that they come in lots of varieties with many different meanings. Most people know that white lilies are associated with simplicity and purity (perfect for celebrating new arrivals and weddings alike!), but did you know that tiger lilies represent royalty and wealth? Perfect for those who are a fan of luxury and beauty. Whatever style you prefer, we have gorgeous arrangements handled by professional florists to meet your upcoming event or occasion. 

Order fresh lilies in bouquets, bunches & plants 

Fancy a lily plant for your window? A bouquet for a birthday? An elaborate lily arrangement for a romantic anniversary? Whatever you’re after and whoever it’s for, make sure you check out the best selection of lilies for sale via our website. Not only do we stock everything from standard lilies to gorgeous plants, we also regularly update our blog with all things floral and pretty, whether you’re after advice, inspiration or insights into the world of floristry. 

Uniting Flowers are determined to bring a meaningful experience to all our customers – we are advocates of professional floristry and support local businesses across Australia. That’s why we are partnered with florists and sellers local to you, so you can order lilies with a premium touch.

How to take care of your lilies 

Not only are we one of the best lily suppliers in Australia, we are also experts in all things pretty and flowery. Lily arrangements are known for being long-lasting, and with the proper care you can extend their natural beauty for even longer. 

Once you’ve had your lily flower delivery, place them in a vase with warm water at room temperature. Remember to stay on top of removing any leaves below the waterline and give them a regular top-up of superfood (a teaspoon of sugar works well for this). Follow these instructions and your lovely lilies are sure to stay beautiful for up to a fortnight!

Buy Lilies online today, pay for them later!

 For lily delivery that’s efficient, timely and flexible in terms of payment look no further. All the lilies for sale online on our website will arrive looking even more beautiful than they do on the screen. We also offer Afterpay on various types of lilies and other flowers which means you can order flowers when you want them and pay for them at a later date. We know the most important thing to you is selecting and sending high-quality lilies, and that’s the most important thing for us, too. 

When selecting the flowers or gifts you’d like to purchase, don’t forget to pick the delivery option that works for you whether that’s standard, next day or even same-day delivery. Go over to our delivery information page for more details on how it all works, and for any further questions check out our faq page or get in touch via our contact form.