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Plants make you happier – here are three reasons why!

Plants are very ‘in’ right now. Not only do they turn any space into a stylish, tropical paradise – they can actually make you happier and healthier, too. Here at Uniting Flowers, we love houseplants just as much as we love all things floral – after all, plants provide a quick and easy way to make your home decor unique and beautiful. In this period of pandemic and intermittent isolation, bringing some of the natural outside world into your personal bubble is a good thing indeed. In fact, human love for plants is so well-established that it has its own name: biophilia (referring to our evolutionary tendency to prefer more natural-looking environments).

Whether it’s crazy lickety plants, lush plants or flowering plants – all these different plant species have the ability to put a spring in our step and a smile on our faces. So, why exactly are plants so effective in making us happier, and what are the other benefits to come along with them? Read on to find out more.

They make the air in your home cleaner

Humans have always lived in harmony with plants and nature, we literally need the natural world to survive. After all, while we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants inhale CO2 and let out oxygen, it’s a win-win for everyone. A famous research project undertaken by NASA actually proved that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxin in a room in just 24 hours.

So having some cute little houseplants around the home literally makes your home healthier and toxin-free. Of course, it’s important to remember that while plants give out oxygen in the day, at night they stop photosynthesising and give off CO2 just like us. So to keep the air in your bedroom clear, why not opt for snake plants, orchids or succulents all of which continue to pump out oxygen throughout the night to keep your room detoxified for a good nights sleep.

They make you happier – and more productive! 

That’s right, not only do plants make us feel happier with their all-round natural loveliness, they also make us more productive (perfect for a world adjusting to working from home more often!). One study from 2016 found that indoor plants in homes and businesses ‘enhanced the mood and sharpened the focus of subjects’. And the benefits don’t end there, either. 

The same study saw that the more plants there were, the less bored the subjects reported feeling. These findings heavily imply that there is a direct correlation between mood/concentration and the number of plants in the room you’re working in. So if you’re home office is starting to look a little dull, sprucing things up with some luscious plants might just be the perfect way to get more out of your working day. 

They’re good for your health vitals

Yes, you read that correctly – plants are literally good for your health. Yet another study into their benefits found that when plants are placed in hospital recovery rooms, patients actually heal faster. How crazy is that? And the health benefits don’t end there, either. They’ve also been found to actively reduce stress thanks to their natural calming effect, lower blood pressure (probably helped by less stress!), boost the immune system, improve sleep quality and have an all-round impact in uplifting general mood. 

And it’s not only their leafy loveliness that adds to the calmer atmosphere, because plants actually absorb sound they can be used in busy urban areas to limit the sounds of the outside city zipping by. Hence they’re perfect for creating your very own nature-based sanctuary in the home, for some tranquil peace and quiet. 

All in all, plants are awesome… 

We think you’ll agree, plants are truly awesome. The benefits they give to us and our home environment are too numerous to count. In many ways, their beautiful exterior and stylish look is probably the least interesting thing about them (but we do have to admit, they really do look very cool).

Whether you’re looking to live in a toxin-free home, keep your health signs at a good level or simply want the general mood-boosting, anxiety-reducing, concentration-enhancing effects of our wonderful leafy friends, we’ve got you covered with vast ranges of plants to brighten up your home. 

Have a browse through our website to find the plants of your dreams (and don’t forget, the more you get, the greater the effect!). They make great gifts for just about everyone and we certainly consider ourselves to be all aboard the biophilia train, because we’re full of love for the supreme houseplant effect. 

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