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West Melbourne

Same Day Flower Delivery West Melbourne

Brighten up Melbourne CBD with some gorgeous flowers from UF

There’s a lot going on in the CBD of the busy Melbourne city centre! With the amazing street art and murals decorating laneways, the gorgeous sights of Flinders Street station and Federation square, the many live music venues dotted around and plenty of nature to enjoy at the botanic gardens, there’s really a whole lot to see and do in this wonderful city. 

Uniting Flowers are here to make the inhabitants of this gorgeous city feel even happier with selections from the best flower shops in Melbourne city centre, and we also deliver all around Melbourne CBD to make life even easier for you. As you’d expect from any florist, we have every type of classic flower from luscious red roses to crisp white lilies. With gifts, arrangements and bouquets from flower shops across Melbourne CBD there’s so much to enjoy while shopping online. For some tips, tricks and general gift ideas you should take a look at our blog where we have lots and lots of posts on all the floral possibilities of celebrating with flowers.

Why flowers are the best way to celebrate an event or special occasion

Are you looking to order flowers online in Melbourne CBD? Well, we like you’re thinking because we truly believe that flowers are the best way to celebrate any and every special occasion. Now, we know we’re kind of biased (we are flower lovers, after all) but hear us out on this. Flowers have become a unanimous symbol of love, affection and joy – they are recognised globally for their loveliness, and some studies have even suggested that they make people happier. While other traditional gifts like chocolate and wine aren’t appropriate at all occasions, flowers are! Plus, different flowers have different meanings and connotations – but you can also get creative when selecting a bespoke bouquet as unique as the person you’re buying them for.

Unlike some florists that have a limited online selection and often have few customer service options, UF is a one-stop shop for flowers with arrangements from florists all around your local area so that you can order your flowers online and send them to anywhere in Melbourne City. So no matter what occasion is coming up, and no matter who you’re buying the gift for, head over to our website to find the best flowers in Melbourne city.

How United Flowers got started & why we’re the best option for flowers in melbourne CBD

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a professionally trained florist was looking for a way to bring her love for flowers and appreciation for the floristry craft to people all across Australia. It was from this that Aleksandra Subara had the idea to found Uniting Flowers, an online company that allows people to order flowers online to send to Melbourne CBD and other areas of Victoria and Australia generally. The basic premise works something like this: seek out the best florists in Melbourne City, partner with them, then make their incredible bouquets, bunches, posies and arrangements available in just one place online. This is so those both local to the area (and those looking to send flowers to someone who lives there) can get all the benefits of online shopping while still being able to support local flower shops and get the magical touch of a trained florist. For more information on our story and UF generally, head over to our about us page.

Same day flower delivery to Melbourne city with UF

You want to buy and send flowers online in Melbourne CBD and we’re here to help you do exactly that with a whole host of convenient delivery options. We only work with stellar, professional florists who provide excellent delivery and ensure that all flowers arrive fresh to your destination in Melbourne CBD.

All our sellers are encouraged to provide same day flower delivery in Melbourne city – as well as the usual options of next day and standard delivery. This is done with the aim of making your life easier, after all, when our flowers look this beautiful – who would want to wait? You can get more information on this and our delivery policy over on our delivery information page. You can also check out our faqs for information on commonly asked questions and handy, good-to-know tidbits. 

Find the best florists in Melbourne CBD!

With UF, you don’t just send any old flowers to Melbourne CBD, you send the best flowers in the whole city. That’s because (as detailed above in our founding story) we are partnered with florists from all over the Melbourne CBD and inner city area. This is how we showcase some of the best flowers around, while providing you with convenient online options like AfterPay and next day flower delivery. Of course, we’re also always happy to help customers out with any queries they might have, so if you have a question, just get in touch via our contact us page!