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We are SOLD OUT for Mother's Day
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Five Fascinating Facts about Florists

1.      They generally don’t have manicured hands


Spending all day getting their hands dirty, wet,
pricked, chafed and possibly cut means most florists don’t even bother with manicures
let alone acrylic nails! But yes, do pass them over that heavy-duty hand cream.


2.     Nothing is too dirty or too wet for


In a hands-on profession such as theirs, they’re
used to water, soil, thorns, dirt, pollen and glue all over them. Next time you
thought you had it tough, imagine 24 hour work days (and then some)!


3.     They’re extremely passionate, about


Making people happy and brightening up their
lives with flowers is a given in their day to day KPI’s. Not only are they
obsessed with flowers but they live and breathe the joy that flowers bring
everybody and that infatuation transcends into their daily lives.


4.     They’re (exceptionally) early risers


Being a florist involves being up around 3 or 4am
to find the best flowers at the market or pick them up from their trusted
growers and then making sure all their orders are processed, organised and
arranged in time and ready for delivery by 9am.


5.     They’re unusually strong


Floristry is labour-intensive and involves
picking up, transporting, unpacking and lifting heavy plants, flowers,
arrangements and installations. While flowers and vases aren’t as light as you
might think, wedding and event styling usually involves large equipment that
needs to be transported and set up with even larger quantities of flowers!

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