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We are SOLD OUT for Mother's Day
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where flowers are our inspiration

01. When will my flowers arrive?

Uniting Flowers offers same day flower delivery for orders however timed deliveries can be requested but cannot be promised. When you choose your exact delivery date, rest assured that your order will be delivered on the day you selected, however if you want to ensure it arrives at a specific time, please make sure you have ordered at least 48 hours in advance and stipulate the time preference at check out. If you need an order to be delivered ASAP on the same day then please contact our support team (1300 359 908, contact@unitingflowers.com.au to arrange for extra costs in organising a priority delivery).

All reasonable requests will usually be met by the florist and each florist has their delivery policies available on their profile. If your order is placed in advance then the florist will try to fulfill what is reasonable, however be aware that same day orders can sometimes be delivered up to 7pm.

If you have any questions or want to confirm delivery for your order please contact our support team or the florist from whom you ordered directly.

02. What payment options do you provide?

We are currently the only online order relay company that offers “Buy now, pay later” options such as Afterpay. Soon we will be offering other similar payment options.

We also offer Paypal and all other credit card/debit card payments.

We can also take card payments over the phone. If you would like to arrange an order over the phone please call us on 1300 359 908.

03. Will my arrangement arrive exactly as pictured?

The florist you have chosen to order flowers from will ensure that your order will arrive as similar as what is pictured. While every florist does their best to make this happen, all florists tend to have a “substitution policy” for the products they sell which basically means that their arrangements may be subject to seasonal availability and the presentation or flowers can vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

This is because not all flowers/foliage are always in season and although many flowers that aren’t in season all year round can be imported, this would add additional costs/value to the flower order. Flower growers are also affected by adverse weather conditions such as bush fires and floods, to name a few, and this means that there could be a shortage of particular flowers/foliage during certain periods in the year. Sometimes same day orders also come in literally last minute when certain types or colours of flowers may have already been sold out by the florist.

Similarly, due to the creative nature of floristry and changing/emerging trends that underpin the industry, not all designs will look exactly the same 100% of the time. Florists love to make things that are beautiful and if they feel they can rearrange the design a little, add different foliage or mix up the flowers a little, they will do so as they believe that this will provide their clients flower designs that are in fashion, unique and of the highest quality.

Nevertheless, florists are trained and experienced in creating stunning floral arrangements and when need be they will usually substitute with a similar flower of the exact same or higher value.

You will never be paying “more for less” and your flowers should always come delivered as beautiful as what is pictured, if not even more beautiful!

04. Can I have flowers delivered on Public Holidays?

Most florists do not deliver on Public Holidays as they are generally closed on these days and usually all couriers do not work on this day. However, please be aware that usually we will have to arrange for delivery the day before or day after the public holiday. Please contact us directly if you need to arrange delivery on that specific day and we will try to arrange this for all timely orders.

05. Can I have my flowers delivered on a Sunday?

Some florists offer Sunday deliveries and this is generally outlined on their delivery profile. Usually our platform will allow you to place an order for a Sunday only if that florist offers Sunday delivery. However, all Sunday deliveries need to be placed by Friday 1pm (the latest) to ensure they will be delivered on Sunday. If you want to order from a particular florist who doesn’t have the option for date/day of delivery you wish, then please contact us and if there is reasonable time we may be able to arrange priority deliver for you.

06. Have my flowers been delivered?

Generally, our florists send an automatic email notification that your order has been delivered to the recipient. However, sometimes these emails get lost in the spam folder or are delayed in arriving. Many times our team or drivers will be in touch with you via phone/SMS to confirm the delivery. If you haven’t received any confirmation of your delivery, please contact the florist directly or contact us on 1300 359 908, contact@unitingflowers.com.au .

07. What happens if the recipient isn’t home to receive the flowers?

If the florist/courier arrives at the recipient’s address and nobody is there to collect the order, usually they will be in contact with you (the sender) or the recipient to confirm whether the flowers can be left in a safe place at the premises. Usually, if we cannot get in touch with anyone, flowers will either be left in a safe place and the recipient will be notified or the driver will take them back to the florist and the florist will have to re-arrange delivery with you (this will be decided at the discretion of the florist/driver).

08. Can I make a custom order with specific flowers and style in mind?

We generally take all custom orders if the budget is $70 and more. The reason the budget has to be $70 or greater is because truly beautiful floral creations can only start with a decent budget so that the florist can use a decent amount of flowers and quality sundries. Most amazing designs that you may have in mind or have seen online do not cost less than $100 as the types of flowers used and the florists time all play a contributing factor.

With this in mind you can place a custom order here: https://www.unitingflowers.com.au/product/custom-order/

Or call us on 1300 359 908 so you can place an order over the phone.