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Celebrate the end of COVID-19 lockdown and return to normal life

COVID-19 Lockdown freedom

2020 seemed to start like any other year; glasses were raised, kisses were exchanged and Sydney’s world-famous fireworks dazzled above the harbour. None of us could have anticipated something like a COVID-19 pandemic, or the huge impact this virus would have all over the world. After a considerable amount of time in lockdown, with months spent at home, life is slowly but surely returning to a new kind of normal. With the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions easing and meet-ups now permitted and reunions underway, this seems like the perfect moment to reflect with gratitude and joy on the beautiful world that surrounds us, as well as celebrating the wonderful people who inhabit it. If you’re looking for some simple yet powerful ways to celebrate the end of lockdown and a return to life in Australia, why not think about these three simple things: 

Reconnect with friends 

Before the ease in COVID-19 lockdown rules, everyone had to make do with meetings and catch-ups held over video call. While there is no doubt that everyone is grateful for these techy tools of communication, nothing can truly substitute face-to-face interaction. As Sydney (and other cities!) reboot and meeting spots reopen, we can, once again, see our friends in real life. As you arrange your meetings and step outside, it’s important to really feel this newfound freedom. Lockdown in Sydney, as well as across the world, has given everyone a new appreciation for the great outdoors and the opportunity to spend time with others. 

Walking around the city, take the time to notice the way the light bounces off the shop windows, the rejuvenating smell of fresh air, see the blue sky above you, and notice how the city trees stand tall and green throughout it all. For so many people, the support and love shown by friends became an integral part of getting through the most difficult points of lockdown. Now, why not express your gratitude with a feel-good gift or personalised letter? Imagine their face when they open their door to see you cradling a gorgeous box of Singapore orchids and sporting a huge smile! If there is one lesson everyone has learned from the COVID-19 restrictions and time spent holed up at home, it’s that moments spent with friends are there to be enjoyed, celebrated, and remembered. 

A romantic reunion 

While many people spent COVID-19 lockdown with their spouse or partner, some were forced to spend months apart from their significant other due to being based in a different home or location. Though there’s no doubt that this time apart must have been trying at times, the reunion is all the sweeter for it. Make sure you maintain that sense of joy and appreciation for your another half by making every date a new romantic reunion. Spend time talking through your appreciation for your partner and all the ways they make your life special; reflect on more than just the big things, think about the small everyday moments, too. 

Whether it’s a candlelit dinner, a romantic stroll or simply a cheesy movie night in, you can make your post-lockdown dates even more special with gestures of love and affection. After all, you’re likely to have saved some money while tucked away at home! Why not put that extra cash to good use by picking out something like this beautiful romance bundle for a gift that incorporates not just roses (a romance staple!) but also chocolates and an adorable teddy bear as well.   

Give thanks to keyworkers

Most of us spent the COVID-19 lockdown working from home, trying our hand at baking, and getting through countless seasons of classic boxsets. While the general public was coping in its own way, our keyworkers were working bravely, tirelessly and without complaint to keep society moving and protect the most vulnerable. From nurses and doctors to delivery drivers and store assistants, Australia’s keyworkers have been essential in getting Australia back to a closer version of normalcy. 

The remarkable thing about the heroism of our keyworkers is that these people are all around us; they’re our relatives, our friends, and our neighbors. Many of us know keyworkers personally, and even if we don’t, we at the very least know of an acquaintance who is. In the excitement of eased lockdown measures, we mustn’t forget the hard work these individuals did and continue to do. Express your gratitude and make someone’s day by showing a keyworker your “thank you” is real and tangible. Uniting Flowers offer a whole range of thank you bouquets, flowers, and gifts that can be delivered directly to the doorstep of the keyworker in your life. 

The COVID-19 pandemic may have snatched normalcy away for a while, but Australia’s return to life marks an occasion for celebration. The world is awakening with a new appreciation for loved ones, independence, and the most important members of society, mark these moments with beauty by browsing the range of gifts and flowers available at unitingflowers.com.au.


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