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Breaking down gender stereotypes: Flowers to give the men in your life

Once upon a time, back in the 1920s, pink was considered to be a boy’s colour. It’s a fact that seems somewhat strange to us today considering pink is the accepted shade of all things frilly and girly. While gender norms once placed restrictions on what boys and girls could like, these days more and more people are throwing out old norms and embracing liking whatever they want.

Nature is one of the  most universal beauties in the world. No matter your country of origin or cultural background, gorgeous landscapes and unique plants have always been considered pleasing to the eye. Flowers, in particular, are notable throughout history for their overall value and loveliness. It’s really no wonder that floral arrangements and bouquets have become a gift suitable for every occasion from Valentine’s Day to Birthdays.

There is one catch, however, as some people still see flowers as a ‘girl’s thing’ – but when flowers are so lovely, why should they be limited to just a woman’s gift? After all, men can appreciate receiving a surprise bouquet as much as the next person. That’s why we’re here to tell you that it’s time to ditch the old gender stereotypes and treat the men in your life to a happy surprise with these ideal flower gift ideas below.

For your Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner on 6th September – everyone loves to show their Dad some love, but Father’s are also infamously hard to buy for. If you’ve worn down every gift option in years previous, it’s time to branch out and send your Pop some flowers that will truly brighten his day. One of our favourite things about sending flowers on Father’s Day is the element of genuine surprise (After all, there’s only so many times a man pretends to be thrilled by aftershave and more socks).

Why not have a browse to find flowers to send to your Dad? Personally, we love these divine sunflowers. Full of bright, sunny vibes we think this gorgeous and unique bouquet perfectly encapsulates a Father’s endless love and support. For some extra pow, combine your flowers with a personalised note letting your Dad know just how much you love him, and it’s sure to be a gift to remember. 

For your boyfriend

Flowers have long been a symbol of love and romance – after all, even Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet speak of roses. For so long only women have enjoyed the feeling of gratitude and joy associated with a gorgeous flower arrangement or a collection of roses – but alas, no more! Whether it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, your anniversary, or simply a surprise romantic gesture – giving your man flowers is sure to put a smile on his face (and who knows, he might even return the favour!). 

And if that wasn’t reason enough to show your beau some floral love, how about this interesting tidbit for some extra motivation? A behavioural study conducted by Rutgers University showed that men who receive flowers are better at communicating!

Holly Hale and psychology professor Jeanette Haviland-Jones’ study proved that men who are given flowers increase eye contact when talking, stand in closer proximity and generally smile more. Proof men love flowers too! If you’re stuck for romantic ideas for your guy, we recommend this duo collection of yellow roses and chocolates – the lovely sunshiney colour adds a new twist on the romantic red rose classic.

For the manly-man

While it would be nice to believe that old gender stereotypes can be thrown out overnight, the truth is it takes time for perspectives to shift. If you want to send a boyfriend, brother or male friend some flowers but are worried about their masculine image – we’ve still got you covered. After all, Uniting Flowers don’t only offer floral gifts, we have a whole host of options to satisfy every occasion, need and person.

If you’re looking to ease the manly-man in your life into appreciating all things natural and beautiful, why not start with something like this Rubber Plant – it looks great and its gorgeous deep green colour might be your best bet if anything pink or purple sends your guy running for the hills. Of course, the options don’t end there either – after all, who doesn’t love chocolate and wine? Check out what other gifts we have available to put a smile on the face of even the manliest would-be action hero in your life. 

So, from a Father’s Day gift your Dad will truly remember, to a romantic gesture that comes with communication benefits – the reasons to break down gender stereotypes and gift the man in your life flowers really are endless. Browse our wide range of flowers & gifts and select out something for your man today!

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