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What Are The Best Flowers For Congratulations?

Whether someone close to you has just landed their dream job, announced their engagement or welcomed a beautiful bundle of joy into the world, flowers express emotions when words cannot describe just how incredible you feel. A beautiful, thoughtful and touching gift, sending someone a fresh floral arrangement to mark a monumental occasion is a lovely gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

Before you run out and buy the first bunch you see, there’s a special list of flowers that are perfect for celebratory occasions. If you’re wondering what colour flower means ‘congratulations’, we’ve put together a helpful guide that will assist you in finding the perfect bunch for those perfect moments in life.

Congratulations flowers for a new job

If someone you know has just secured a new role, celebrate this exciting milestone with a fresh bunch of bright and cheerful flowers. A kind gesture and an easy way of showing you’re proud of their efforts, opt for yellow roses as they symbolise friendship and success while maintaining their elegance and refined beauty for extended periods. The bright and sunny hues are sure to bring a smile to the lucky recipient’s face while adding a pop of colour to their home interiors. The colour yellow represents happiness and evokes joy, so sunflowers are also an appropriate congratulatory gift. Whether you choose to send them directly to their home or surprise them at their new office, there’s no better way of saying well done!

A floral arrangement for an engagement announcement

While there are many types of flowers you can send to congratulate a couple on their engagement, it’s best to choose blossoms that represent how they feel. And nothing oozes love and romance like a fresh bunch of red roses. Adored for their fragrance, endless beauty and rich symbolic meaning, red roses signify love and purity, making them a suitable choice to send to the happy duo.

You can also mix red roses with white lilies, chrysanthemums or tulips to add depth to the bouquet. Plus, chrysanthemums symbolise love and fidelity and can last for more than two weeks when cared for properly. Don’t forget to add a card to the arrangement for that extra special touch. While the flowers show you care, the little note reinforces this sentiment in word form.

Baby boy and baby girl congratulations flowers

Congratulations, gifts and flowers are called for when someone close to you welcomes a baby. Traditionally, pink is a colour to celebrate the birth of a beautiful girl. Pink lilies are the perfect option and add a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to any room they’re placed in. If you avoid traditional gender norms, white lilies represent innocence — a trait every newborn baby inherently possesses! If you’re marking the birth of a baby boy, look for flowers in shades of blue or a jacaranda plant. If the gender of the bub is a surprise, play it safe and opt for a combination of yellow and white hues.

Roses, orchids, tulips, gerberas and chrysanthemums are also popular to send to new mums after the arrival of their bundle of joy. Plus, a delivery of flowers is a great way to cheer up their hospital room and fill their space with soft and sweet scents that further enhance the mood. While there are no right or wrong flowers to mark this joyous occasion, colourful shades of Australian native flowers also make for a thoughtful gift. Whatever style of arrangement you choose, make sure it screams celebration.

Congratulations on your wedding flowers

White roses are one of the most common congratulatory flowers when celebrating a couple tying the knot. Symbolising new beginnings, purity and innocence, a bouquet of roses will make for a memorable gift. If you’re invited to the wedding, you could also add camellias as an expression of your gratitude. If you’re sending flowers to the couple during their honeymoon, a bouquet of hand-tied pink roses and delphiniums is a beautiful touch. Whatever blossom you select, don’t forget to attach a congratulatory message that celebrates the newlyweds’ exciting milestone.

Flowers that say congratulations on your new home

Flowers are always suitable when you don’t have time to find a housewarming gift. If someone close to you has just moved into their first home, celebrate this milestone by gifting them with a long-lasting floral arrangement, like a potted orchid. Their luscious, slender green stems and white blossoms add a clean, crisp and modern look to any space. Plus, orchids can last anywhere between 14 and 21 days, and you can extend their lifespan even further if you add some sugar and bleach to the water. Alternatively, a jasmine plant is equally as long-lasting and requires little maintenance.

Show you care with an exquisite arrangement from Uniting Flowers

Whether it’s the birth of a new baby, an exciting promotion or the announcement of a long-awaited engagement, marking monumental milestones with a bouquet of flowers shows just how much you love, care and appreciate the lucky recipient.

If you’re searching for arrangements that will impress even those with a green thumb, Uniting Flowers should be your go-to for the best congratulations gifts and flowers. With a vibrant and dynamic collection of arrangements and bouquets, we give you access to a host of passionate and talented local florists who can collaborate with you to turn your biggest dreams into a reality.

Whether you’re after a stand-out bunch or something a little more understated, our team will work within your allocated budget to design, create and produce the best arrangement possible. From posy flowers, luxury bunches, bouquets, and lush arrangements to unique, personalised, and custom made gifts, you can browse our range online today. Plus, with same-day delivery Australia-wide, it’s never been easier to show just how proud you are than with a fresh bunch of blooms that will make a lasting impact.