We are SOLD OUT for Mother's Day
We are SOLD OUT for Mother's Day
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About us

How it Began

Uniting Flowers was created by a local Aussie family who wanted to surprise their family and friends with flowers and gifts but always had the thought last minute and were then limited with their options. They would then rush to the nearest florist who wouldn’t quite have what they were looking for and then go to the next who was closed for the day. Eventually they would spend hours searching the internet for a decent bouquet only to realise it was too late for same day delivery and whatever other options they had were just too expensive.

What We Aim To Do

Why spend hours searching various online flower shops and social media platforms to find what you are looking for when you can find every single florist in the one place? Uniting Flowers was borne out of a desire to bring local florists directly to your doorstep with just the touch of your fingertips. UF wants to make life easier when it comes to looking for those precious gifts, choosing an arrangement for an event, finding a floral designer for your wedding or simply buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers just because you can. While we want to make your life easier and give you all the options you never had before,we also want to empower local florists to broaden their horizons and expand their business exponentially without investing much money or time.

Florists’ Answer to E-Commerce

Why lose hours on end updating all your social media profiles and maintaining your website when you can do it all in the same place and in a convenient way? We understand how difficult it is to ‘stand out from the rest’, particularly in the age of e-commerce and social media. It’s become virtually impossible for small business to compete with the online flower conglomerates who pay big dollars to dominate online search engines.That’s why for florists these days life doesn’t just involve sourcing the freshest and prettiest flowers and then handcrafting aesthetic perfection. It involves spending lots of money on a fancy website, tirelessly wasting hours on various social media platforms to reach a broader clientele and on top of that doing all the million and one things that entails running a business. It’s hard work- we get it! That’s why we’ve created an Online Marketplace that makes life easier for florists and helps clients who are eager to discover the flower virtuoso living around the corner! By creating a virtual shopfront on Uniting Flowers florists unlock a labyrinth of opportunities with little effort and tremendous help and support towards success.