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8 Ways to Show Someone You Care

I love you; thank you; I’m missing you; sorry; thinking of you… buying a simple gift online can say all these things… and more. 

There’s no denying it: the last three months have been one of the most testing times in our lives.  Lockdown, restrictions, social distancing… these uncharted waters have been challenging, frightening and at times, very frustrating.  It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and unfortunately, the ride’s not over yet! 

Self-isolation has been (and continues to be) a very lonely experience for many people.  In every circle of society, Australians are battling with the physical and the psychological effects of lockdown, and a simple act of kindness can make a real difference to their day.     

As the global crisis continues to unfold around us, it’s important to take time out to care for ourselves and those we love.  While hugs and handshakes are out of the question (for now), there are still loads of ways to show someone you care. 

Being on the receiving end of a kind act is always good.  But kindness is a two-way street: it’s give and take.  And, truth be known, you can get as much pleasure and stimulation out of the showing compassion as you do from receiving it! 

We understand that while lock-down measures are slowly lifting across the country, it’s still not easy to get out and about to shop for gifts.  And going out for coffee doesn’t hold quite the same charm while social distancing measures are still in place.  Australians are having to come up with new gift ideas and ways to show kindness.  And believe us when we say, they’re doing just that!  

Here are our top 8 tips for showing someone you care in 2020:  

1. Flower Power 

Flowers speak for themselves.  Beautiful; vibrant; natural; charming.  Flowers are naturally associated with love, hope, compassion and happiness, which makes them the perfect gift for someone you care for.  While many people are still spending a lot of time at home, flowers are the perfect way to bring a piece of nature’s beauty indoors. 

Studies have shown that both men and women who gift with flowers are generally seen as happy, strong and courageous people.  Flowers have also been proven to lift mood, relieve feelings of anxiety and depression and stimulate positivity.   

Shop without leaving home: ordering flowers online has never been simpler, and for easy flower delivery Sydney residents can arrange to have their gift delivered by their chosen florist!   

So, while your loved one may be feeling anxious, lonely or uncertain, a bouquet is the perfect way to brighten their day and remind them that you’re still there for them!

2. Small Online Gift 

As the old cliche goes, ‘good things come in small packages’.  And sometimes the simple things in life mean the most.  Purchasing small gifts online and having them delivered to your friends and family is another way to show them that you care.  A box of chocolates; a board game; a beautiful candle or a bottle of wine… these are gifts that can say a lot, without breaking the bank. 

3. Write a Letter  

A handwritten letter is a powerful way to show someone you’re thinking of them.  A letter is something intensely personal that can be reread, kept and treasured for years to come.   

4. Make a Phonecall 

Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear.  Show you care by making time to ring your loved ones and ask how they’re getting on.  Take a genuine interest in their daily activities, talk about the things that matter to them and find out if there’s anything you can do to help make their life easier.   

5. Post a Gift Voucher 

Not sure what to buy?  A gift voucher is a great present!  For folk who like to choose their own gifts Sydney shoppers can arrange a gift card and have it posted direct.  

6. Run an Errand 

Can you make life easier for your loved one/s by running an errand for them?  Many people find getting out and about difficult, and this simple act of service could make all the difference to their day. 

7. Home-made Goodies 

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies or a home-made muffin?  Take the time to bake a delicious treat for your friend, neighbour or family member and deliver it to them.  This kind of personal gift speaks volumes: you’ve put effort into doing something to brighten their day. 

8. Encourage Exercise 

We all know that physical exercise is essential for a healthy mind and a healthy body.  However, lots of us find reasons to skip this important part of life.  Show your care by offering to exercise with your friend/family member.  Not only will you help them, but you’ll do yourself a favour too! 

Uniting Flowers makes giving easy and enjoyable.  We’re helping Australians stay safe by offering a huge range of flowers and gifts online.  Uniting Flowers is Australia’s best online flower marketplace, bringing local florists to your doorstep. Shop all Flowers with nationwide same day delivery! 

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